My Road to Meteorology

When I first came to America thunderstorms scared me. I would go into my parents bed and snuggle with my mother. My father got sick of if and got me a book all about severe weather and that is when I fell in love with severe weather.

I went to an alternative school, it was a boarding school but since I lived so close I didn’t stay there overnight. This school were for young immigrants, and at the time I had a very hard time learning English I was sent there. The school was huge, bigger then most top notch Universities like Harvard. There were at least twenty buildings just for classrooms. As I grew up I took at lot of science classes, mostly with earth science. Then it turned into more like meteorology classes. When I mention a block that means all of the classes offered by the school for that subject.

  • Earth Science
    • Into to Earth Science
    • Basic Earth Science 1
    • Basic Earth Science 2
    • Intermediate Earth Science 1
    • Intermediate Earth Science 2
    • Intermediate Earth Science 3
    • Advanced Earth Science 1
    • Advanced Earth Science 2
    • Advanced Earth Science 3
    • Advanced Earth Science 4
  • Climatology
    • Basic Climatology 1
    • Basic Climatology 2
    • Intermediate Climatology 1
    • Intermediate Climatology 2
    • Intermediate Climatology 3
    • Advanced Climatology 1
    • Advanced Climatology 2
    • Advanced Climatology 3
    • Advanced Climatology 4
  • Meteorology
    • Basic Meteorology 1
    • Basic Meteorology 2
    • Intermediate Meteorology 1
    • Intermediate Meteorology 2
    • Intermediate Meteorology 3
    • Advanced Meteorology 1
    • Advanced Meteorology 2
    • Advanced Meteorology 3
    • Advanced Meteorology 4
  • Other Meteorology Classes not included in the Block
    • Mesoscale Mathematics 1
    • Mesoscale Mathematics 2
    • Basic Radar Operations 1
    • Basic Radar Operations 2
    • Intermediate Radar Operations 1
    • Intermediate Radar Operations 2
    • Intermediate Radar Operations 3
    • Advanced Radar Operations 1
    • Advanced Radar Operation 2
    • Advanced Radar Operations 3
    • Advanced Radar Operations 4
    • Severe Meteorology 1
    • Severe Meteorology 2
    • Tropical Meteorology 1
    • Tropical Meteorology 2

As you can see I am well educated in the field of meteorology, and I am a member of the American Meteorological Association and when I joined officially I was only 20 years old. Since I know a lot about radar systems I am always the one that fixes the problem at the SWIFT office where I work. And I am also the animal wrangler. Since the radar is nice and warm a lot of little creatures love to get in there and sometimes they chew on the wires causing havoc. I would go up there, in my hockey goaltender gear and wrangle the animal out of there. Raccoons, Possums, squirrels are the most common. The other day I found a snake in there, and then there was a little kitten stuck in there. Now she is the mascot of the office, we named her April the month when we found her.


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