Car Accident

I was getting lunch for the office, we were all hungry and it was my turn to pick it up. I was driving through an intersection where my light was green and all of a sudden a SUV rushed through the intersection and t-boned my car on the drivers side. The next thing I knew I was facing the intersection, glass broken, my engine was smoking, airbags deployed both on the steering wheel and the driver’s side door. The whole event is a blur to me, either I blacked out or it happened so fast that I can’t recall it. A good pedestrian told me not to move and he was going to call 911. They took me into an ambulance, with a neck thing where I couldn’t move my head. At the hospital they were asking me what hurts, like I was severely injured.

I am not severely injured. I have a huge bruise on my leg and a little scrape on my head. A bad case of whiplash but I am alright. When the police took my statement they told me that the guy was texting while he was driving. Now that pissed me off, he was only 17 and he totaled my car! I called my very good friend Zeko who picked me up and took me home. As for lunch at the office they just ordered pizza. I am flaming pissed since I have no car to drive.


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