I was in my room to distract myself from all of the grief at the loss of Babusya. I had my meteorological screens on with the TV on. The TV was talking about Sally Yates’ testimony yesterday. My dog needed to go out, so I went on a quick walk and then I returned to my room and the topic completely changed. It had breaking news saying that the FBI Director Comey was fired by the President.

I was not a fan of Comey. I was a Clinton supporter (I couldn’t vote since I was not a citizen of the United States until February 25th 2017) and the timing when he sent the letter to Congress which could have effected the election. When he testified before congress about why he did that I understood what he was thinking about what his reasons were. I don’t agree with his decision but I understood his thinking.

Now I am very worried. I believe that the timing about his firing is very well planed. First off he was leading the investigation of Trump’s connections to Russia. There are two possible reasons why he fired Comey tonight. The first possible reason is that Trump felt the pressure of the FBI closing in on him so he got rid of him. The second possibility is that the Russians hated Comey and they have blackmail on Trump so they used that against Trump and demanded to get rid of Comey.

Trump is over reached his power, this is not how Presidents conduct their powers. If Trump doesn’t like you, you will be fired. I truly believe that this is a cover up, and this makes me so sad for my country and so angry at the President and at my homeland Russia. I came to this country for freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but this country under Trump is turning into Russia. In Russia if Putin doesn’t like you, you will be fired, or even killed. You can’t say anything bad about Putin, that can get you jailed. People are walking on pins and needles over there, they are scared for their lives. Now I am seeing this happening here, and that makes me so angry. America stands for democracy and our rights. Now it is turning into Russia, but I don’t let that happen. I am an American first, by the oath I have sworn, and the oath I will keep. I want Trump impeached, I will call my senators and my representative the first thing tomorrow and say that Trump needs to go. I will fight for America.


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