Victory over Putin

In the French election, they tried to do everything they can to make Marie Le Pen President. This is classic Putin behavior, I think everyone in the United States knows how the Russians influenced our election with the hacking of emails and personal documents on the internet. They did the same thing with Manual Macron, but in France there is a media blackout right after the documents were released and it became a criminal charge if anyone released the documents to the public.

This is a great victory against Putin, this is showing Putin that he is not the emperor of the world and he can’t always gets what he wants. People ask me why my family left Russia, it is because of Putin. Putin wants NATO to fall so he can grab territory and restore the old Soviet Union. Well Putin has a lot of trouble on his hands because NATO is not going away. We will stand with our allies with all of our force to protect our saying ‘an attack on one is an attack on all’.


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