Finding my dog’s former owners


This is my dog Ruby. We went to the vet today and turns out that she has two microchips inside of her. One of them is the microchip that is under my name and the other that we were unaware of that was last updated about five years ago. The reason I am posting this is to try to find the former owner I would like to know about her birthday, and her breed.

Ruby is from Tennessee, and we adopted her by a shelter in Illinois. They told us that she had no microchip and we just discovered that she had a microchip in her. The microchip information is 24PetWatch and it was last updated on 11/17/12. The Microchip number is 0A132D6415. She has a reddish color with a white belly and the tip of her tail is white and she looks like a fox.

If the former owners are reading this, know that she is in a good home and is loved dearly. I know that you missed her and worried about her but know this that she is getting the best care and she is truly loving home. If this is your dog please contact me at


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