Home Invasion

Last night my family became victims of a home invasion. But what the invaders didn’t know is that I have years of training for these types of situation. I am going to explain why I did what I did incase if you become a victim.

My husband, my niece Anya, my twins and I were in our apartment that is located in my parents house. When we heard the loud crash downstairs we thought it could be Ruby knocking something over but she was right with us. When we realized that the phone lines were cut and cell phones were jammed my immediate instinct is to remain calm and I went into the little office and I looked at the internal security cameras. When I saw three men heavily armed inside the house my training kicked in. My first thought was a possible escape to the garage and go down the stairs, I told Zeko to stay with the kids while I looked. Now I do have a FOID card and I legally purchased a hand gun for my own protection. The reason I got that was because I was in an abusive relationship and I was scared for my life. And due to that I also took classes for self defense, that also included training with weapons. I saw that escape route was cut off, and I told Zeko the following.

“You need to barricade this door and that door.” I started to say as I got my utility belt. “Go into the laundry room and barricade that door as well, have your back against the wall right next to you so you are out of the line of fire.” And in a hushed voice I also said. “Take this, if anyone comes in you shoot them.” I started to head to the door that leads to the entry into my parents house when Zeko stopped me.

“What the hell are you doing?” He asked me.

“I am going to protect my family.” I said to him. “I need you to trust me.” He gave me a kiss and then the door closed behind me. (I didn’t know that Ruby was outside the door in an extra room, but she will play an important part later)

I already had a plan. My family owns a lot of guns and there is a gun in my parents bedroom downstairs and on the other side of the house. Since there was no phone connection at all I assumed I am on my own. There was two parts of the plan, the stealth phase  and the action phase. The stealth phase involves me to get to my father’s rifle with out making any noise so it is not to draw attention to me. The action phase is after I get the rifle and contact the police and if I have to use deadly force I will.

I had three armed men in my house and I am only armed with a knife and my whit and training. To even the battlefield I cut the power to the house, I know this house better than they do and under darkness it would be easier for me to sneak to the rifle. However what I learned in the classes you don’t want to wear white, even in darkness white will be easily seen. I was wearing a white shirt while I was sneaking around, but I knew that there was no time to change my shirt.

As I made it to the stair case I felt something hard hit my head and face. When I looked up I saw a man holding a gun to me. This is where my self defense training came in, if you are in this position and you want to be quiet use your legs to either get him in the knee or the groin, and do it as hard as possible. Once he drops the weapon that is when you make your move, use anything as a weapon. Glass bottles, poles, anything heavy, but I used a piece of wood to smack him in the head. I did this until he stopped moving and I took the bullets and ammo out of his gun so he can not use it.

When I made it downstairs the two men were in the downstairs living room looking through the nice china in the cabinet. I have to get across them to get to my father’s room. So to distract them I pushed the panic button on my car keys. Both men rushed outside to try to silence the car and that is when I dashed to my parents room and got the gun. I was able to contact my friend Ken online who texted my friend Jo about the situation. Now when the police are coming and you are holding a gun they will think you are the bad guy. The best thing to do is to communicate what you are wearing and who you are and where you are in the house. This information is key for the police so they know that you are not the bad guy. I told Ken what I was wearing and where I was in the house. Then someone shot at me and I took cover behind a counter, and I returned fire. The man who was shooting at me disappeared as I made my way to the door which leads to the porch. That is when I saw heavily armed officers outside the door. Slowly I opened the door and stepped aside so they could come inside as an officer took me outside.

In the aftermath I am still scared. My wounds which are minor didn’t start hurting until I knew that Zeko, Anya and my children were safe. Then while I was getting cleaned up in the ambulance I saw the guy that attacked me upstairs get loaded into a cop car with a wound on his leg. Remember Ruby in that extra room? When the guy got too close to to the door where the children were she started growling at him and showing her teeth. When the guy tried to kick the door in Ruby bit him in the leg. She is very protective of kids, and probably saved their lives. The officer told me that the second Ruby saw him she let go of the man and backed off. She only started barking when the officer took Xenia.

Like I said I am still scared, and I needed to take medication to help me sleep that night. I think the reason what I did was that mother instinct, that my babies were in the house and I wanted to protect them. DO NOT TRY THIS. I had training and I had the right to protect my family. I got minor injuries, cuts bruises and the pistol whip on my head and face.


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