Had to take the twins to the office today

Since there is a good chance that severe weather is going to hit my area today I needed to do some work. Before my coworkers arrived I arrived, with my twins in tow because there was no one to look after them. I put them in my office where both were asleep and I let them sleep as I went to work.

In downtown Chicago there is an outdoor concert called Lollapalooza, and with the risk of severe weather me and my coworkers were looking at the latest models to see what the risks are and what the concert goers face as far as a severe weather threat. There were a round of storms earlier in the day where most of the storm reports were lighting and hail. That looks like the same will happen tonight, but with the round of storms that happened this morning it will give the storms coming tonight a higher chance to produce severe weather.

As we were discussing the threats for tonight a storm was happening outside. We were aware of it but the first lightning bolt and thunder were close to the office. A big flash and then thunder, the thunder was so loud you can feel the walls shake. Xander started to cry loudly.

“You brought them with you?” David asked as I went into my office. “You didn’t tell us that.” I picked up Xander to comfort him, Xenia was kicking in her car seat and just wanted to play. Soon, my coworkers were under their spell. They wanted to say hi to them, hold them and play with them. Through out the day they tolerated me getting their bottles ready and diaper changes.

They were angels, Xander just got scared because of the thunder. They didn’t cry that much while I was at work, only when they needed a diaper change that was it. I know David very well, he used to work for SWIFT and we are close friends and he is gay around thirty years old. He was holding Xander during the storm and played with Xenia. As I was packing up to head for home David helped me getting the twins in the car.

“You know I need to sniff out your husband.” He said to me.

“He’s taken.” I said to him. He bursted into laughter and so did I.


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