Fort Sheridan

When I first came to America my parents bought a house. This house is very special to me and we still own it and I love to visit there. There are three bedrooms not including the master bedroom, a living room, dining room, a den, and three bathrooms, one on the first floor and two on the second floor. The importance of this house is because it is a safe place for me. When we first moved there, at six am every morning there would be trumpets just outside my window. This house is very close to the original entrance of Fort Sheridan, an army bace that is with walking distance.


There are two parts of the fort, one that has been closed, the northern part, and the active part, the southern part. Today I live in the fort, in the northern part. In this part of the fort civilians that have nothing to do with the army live here, like my family. The army wanted to make parts of the old fort into a historical site and a forest preserve. Today you can see the huge homes of the generals and commanders. If you walk around long enough you will find posters that tell the history of the fort. The forest preserve has a lot of free space, tall grass, plants, trees and even access to the shoreline. This place is peaceful to me, where I can unwind and take Ruby out when she is a good girl. Sometimes I go sea glass hunting, it’s one of the things that I love to do because sea glass comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.

The southern end of the fort is still very active. There are active service members that we bump into when we are just walking around our neighborhood. The southern part is for training, some times we can hear gunfire from some of the guns they use. (They always gave us a heads up before this happens). If you go to the visitor’s center you can look at the history of the fort, and my nephew Nickolay loves the tanks and the other vehicles that you can touch.

I grew up with this fort, even when I was living just outside the fort this fort is apart of my life. Today I see service men and women at the gas station just outside the entrance of the fort or the walgreens in downtown Highwood. Each time I see one of them I always thank them for their service for this country. One day I had to stop at walgreens with the twins in tow, I saw an active service member I said thank you for his service. The twins were excited to see him, and he even engaged them trying to teach him how to salute. Xander got it right while Xenia almost got it.

The only annoying thing about the fort is that it is spread across three cities, Highland Park, Highwood and Lake Forest. If there is an emergency and fire trucks have to respond all three cities would send fire trucks and it gets really confusing and crowded. Now the fort is going to make a plan with the cities to determine who would respond incase of an emergency.


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