My thoughts on North Korea

I have expressed my thoughts on North Korea before on this blog, but with recent events with in the last few days my thoughts have changed a little. As you all know by now that tensions between North Korea and the United States are at a fever pitch. This whole started with a war of words between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. Now North Korea are saying that they will fire four missiles just off the coast of Guam, which is a territory of the United States located in the south Pacific ocean.

Kim’s main goal is to make sure he stays in power, and he thinks that building up his nuclear stockpile will make his position secure because no nation wants to get into a nuclear war. Kim wants to show his people and the world that he has a great military. I also think he baiting Trump with the threats by saying he is going to attack Guam and said in a statement that Trump is full of nonsense. Kim wants war, and is using the words in the statements to agitate Trump. If he does shoot the missiles just off the coast of Guam the United States will act against North Korea.

What about the people of North Korea? I discussed my thoughts on two theories about how I think the North Korean people think about their leader, but now I am leaning towards that they are scared that if they don’t support their leader they will be killed. The country has food shortages, sometimes the power goes out. The reason for this is because all of the money is going to the weapons program, which Kim is obsessed about. This is leaving the North Korean people hungry and scared. In public they say they support their leader and they will starve to death for their leader but really, they want food and to be safe from their ‘supreme leader’.


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