My Job

Since I went to a special school where I took mostly meteorology classes my job is in that area. I work for SWIFT, or Severe Weather Intercept Field Team. We are highly trained in radar detection of wind, hail and even tornadoes. All of us have laptops in our cars when we go out chasing, and of course we have radios with us to keep in touch with each other. Most of the members of SWIFT are in their forties, but as a twenty two year old I trump them since most of my schooling is about severe weather. I lead the team, at least for Lake County. Lake County is the most northeastern county in Illinois, that borders Wisconsin. Our job is to submit storm reports, wind damage, hail and even tornadoes. I have done this for years, but since I am the only girl does not mean that I still can’t lead. When I first got there, everyone was like what is she doing here she is way too young, and with my fearless personality I would fire back.