Finding my dog’s former owners


This is my dog Ruby. We went to the vet today and turns out that she has two microchips inside of her. One of them is the microchip that is under my name and the other that we were unaware of that was last updated about five years ago. The reason I am posting this is to try to find the former owner I would like to know about her birthday, and her breed.

Ruby is from Tennessee, and we adopted her by a shelter in Illinois. They told us that she had no microchip and we just discovered that she had a microchip in her. The microchip information is 24PetWatch and it was last updated on 11/17/12. The Microchip number is 0A132D6415. She has a reddish color with a white belly and the tip of her tail is white and she looks like a fox.

If the former owners are reading this, know that she is in a good home and is loved dearly. I know that you missed her and worried about her but know this that she is getting the best care and she is truly loving home. If this is your dog please contact me at


Twins first visit to the Doctor

Today was the first visit to the doctor. This doctor was recommended by my brothers who have used him for their own children. I was nervous, since today they get their hep B shot today. The doctor was very nice, Xander was crying when he was looking in his ears, nose and mouth. Xenia was more playful, grabbing at the tools with her little hands and kicked her little legs.

When it was time for the shots I had to hold each baby as the doctor used a cleaning cloth on their leg where the injection will be. Xander was crying to start with, but when he was injected he stopped breathing for a few seconds and then there was a loud cry. The doctor said that this is normal for newborns to have that reaction when they get a shot. Xenia was playful until she got the shot. She cried out very loudly, and even the doctor said that she was very loud.

After a minute after the shots the twins were quiet, with their pacifiers in their mouths. Then I asked about my worries about Xander not getting enough nutrition because he needs special formula. The doctor said that there is something you can put in the formula where it will give Xander the nutrition he needs. He said continue with his anti colic formula and use the special bottles. I asked if they were healthy and he said that they were very healthy, and that is all that a mother could ask for.

My Little Helpers

Taking care of twins is hard, and when Zeko goes to his classes it is hard on me. They need to be fed every two to three hours but they really don’t wake us up at night which is very good. They cry when they need a diaper change, if they are hungry or when Xander is gassy. I have two little helpers that help ease the stress a little.

One of them has four legs and a tail. Ruby always had a hard time with new people. It took her a week to trust me, two weeks to trust my mother and three months for my father. She still barks at my brothers and sister in laws, she won’t bite but she is loud. When I first took the twins home and I saw Ruby sniffing at Xander I got very worried. But Ruby knows that they are babies and they are not going to do her harm. During the day she would lay next to them, and sometimes lets them touch her and she loves to lick them. If they need a diaper change or if they are hungry she would get my attention either by sitting down and staring at me or using her paw on my leg to say ‘hey they are hungry’. She guards them, and if one of my brothers would try to come close to them you can hear her growl.

My other helper is my niece Anya, who is staying with us for a few days and sleeps in my old bedroom. I posted about Anya before, but let me repeat that she is so smart, smarter than a normal five year old. She knows that Xander gets special bottles that are blue, and that he needs special formula. I would get the bottles ready for feeding and she would help me, I would measure the formula for her and I would let her shake it and she would feed one baby while I fed the other. Today when both babies were hungry I went into the small kitchen we had and I saw Anya on a step stool getting the bottles ready with the correct formula with the corresponding bottles. She did it correctly, and I was so proud of her.

At first I was worried when Anya stayed with us because of Ruby, but like with Xander and Xenia she knew that Anya meant no harm to Ruby. They play with each other, and when I went to check on Anya just an hour ago I found her asleep with her head on Ruby, who was also asleep on my old bed. We believe that Ruby was abused by a man, and that is why it takes a long time for her to trust males. When it comes to children of both sexes, and this includes all of my nieces and nephews, she is good with them.


Life with Twins/Family BBQ

When it comes to twins, it is double of everything. They need to be fed every two hours, but each baby is unique on what they like when they eat. Xander is colicy, so he needs a special bottle to prevent air bubbles. I had to get two sets of bottles, each set has ten bottles. One set is blue with the special anti-colic bottles and the other one is pink that is regular. Now with the diapers we go through about twenty a day, and everything like I said is double. There is a saying with twins ‘doubly blessed and doubly stressed’. Well I can say that I can get stressed out but I think it’s more doubly blessed since at night they don’t wake us up that often unless they are hungry. Xander wakes us up more often then Xenia due to his colic.

A family starts out with two people, just two and then it multiplies as you go through the generations. My family has seventeen members, and that includes the third generation. I have 3 nephews and 2 nieces who I love very much but when we get a family party or something like that someone always seems to get hurt. Like today when Sergi was playing with a ball and it accidentally hit Xenia. Good thing it was a soft ball because she wasn’t hurt. All of the kids, except for Yuri like to play together since they are so close in age. Yuri is nine, Anastasia is five, Nickolay and Nedezhda are three and Sergi is two. Since there is a big gap between Yuri and his cousins he usually goes off somewhere and plays games on a game on his DS or something. I feel bad for him that he is left out of the picture because he is older than the other kids. Before I had kids of my own I would try to help him engage with playing with his cousins by making him a referee in a game. But now since I am busy with my twins I didn’t have the time to pay attention to him and he was sitting on the couch all day playing on his DS.

I know that my family can be confusing so that is why I made a family tree to people can see who is who and what age they are at.


What the hell is wrong with me

If people haven’t noticed already, I have a very sensitive soul. I take things personally and I can get very emotional about it. My life is like a roller coaster, and shit happens to be and long time friends don’t believe me. I have spent nights crying myself to sleep about the recent incident when two friends of mine on Facebook ganged up on me after I was in a car accident and said that I was lying. This caused so much heart ache for me that still it hurts me to this day. I thought they were good friends, but I guess I was wrong.

Why can’t I do anything right? I try my best but some people point out flaws about me almost constantly. This makes me every emotional and very upset. If I don’t do something right I get pointed out for it. I am very emotional and when this shit happens I can’t really take it.

Even a small attitude from a conversation can make me feel like I am in trouble or something. I am 22 years old and people should not do this to me. For the Lords sake I have a goo paying job and I take care of myself but I am still being treated like a baby.


I have a niece named Anastasia, Anya for short. She is the daughter of my brother Boris and sister of Yuri. She is three years old but she is way smarter than an average five year old. The twins like to hear voices, so I keep CNN on all the time and I guess Anya saw or heard something that scared her. We were getting ready to head to the church so my twins can be baptized in the Russian Orthodox Church, Yuri was having a fit because he doesn’t want to go to church which is in the city. In the living room Anya was in her white dress and watching the TV and that is when I heard about North Korea’s missile test that happened today.

“Auntie Yulia?” Anya started to ask me. “Who is Ki Jong Un?” I know that Anya is smart, and I can’t hide this from her.

“Come here.” I said as I sit on the couch with a hair brush in my hand. “Let me do you hair, make it really pretty and I will explain it to you.” She came on my lap as the TV kept on going as I started to brush her blond hair.

“Who is he?” She asked me as I started to make a braid on her hair.

“You know the movies you watch, with the bad guys?” I asked her. She gave me an ‘huh uh’. “Well, he is a bad guy, but in real life.”

“So why is he firing weapons?” She asked.

“Well.” I start to say as I tie off a braid. “It is hard to know why he is firing weapons, he doesn’t like America, and he has a tantrum about America when we talk to our friends in South Korea.”

“Just like Yuri?”

“Yes just like Yuri.” I say. “Now what do I tell you all the time Anya?”

“That America always wins!” Anya said with excitement. “America is the best.”

“That’s my girl.” I say as I start to tickle her, she giggles and I blow bubbles on her belly. “Don’t worry about Kim Jong Un.”

“OK Auntie Yulia.” She said. Her mother, Katerina walks into the room and she loved the way I did her hair. After they got her in the car seat Katerina pulled me aside and wanted to speak to me.

“You know you are going to be a great mother.” Katerina says. “They way you explain scary stuff to Anya just shows how caring you are.”

Baptism of Xander and Xenia

My twins are baptized. Xander had to be circumcised and I almost had a heart attack when I saw the tool needed to for procedure. But he was given a local anesthetic in the area and he was given something to suck on that has pain medication. It wasn’t bad as I thought.

Zeko and I both agreed that they will be baptized in the Russian Orthodox Church, since we both were. The reason for baptism in the Russian Church is to cleanse the children, ask protection by God and to get their official names in the eyes of the church.

Xander Zekovich Zhukov

Xenia Zekovna Zhukova

When we got married Zeko took my last name, it was a shock to me at first but that is what he wanted so that is what we did. If you are wondering why their middle and last names are different let me explain it to you. The middle name is a version of the father’s given name, if it is a boy you add -vitch and if it is a girl you add -ovna. The last names have to do with the gender of the children, if it is a girl they get an a at the end of the name. This is Russian naming customs, even though we are going to teach them to know that they are Americans first, they will know their culture.