Congress: Get your shit straight

Last week Congress passed a one week spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. The democrats are saying if there is any bill that comes up doing with Obamacare they will not vote on the spending bill that is due this Friday to keep the government open. If the government shuts down, federal workers will not get paid unless they are needed.

The last time the government shut down the National Weather Service wasn’t getting paid at all. I think it is needed to keep the NWS open due to the fact if they don’t get paid no warnings and people will die. SWIFT is a federal program, and if the government shuts down our mission to spot severe weather and in turn save lives will not get funding. Internet access to radar that is installed in our cars will not work, our office will not get money to pay the bills like electricity and air and heating, work on our equipment will be impossible and due to all of that lives will be lost due to the fact that we are not getting funding. So I ask congress to get your shit together and keep the government open, and maybe think that the National Weather Service is one of the organizations that needs to be funded during a shutdown. If it is not funded, no warnings and more lives will be lost.

The scariest tornado I chased

A lot of people ask me am I ever scared when I go storm chasing, and yes I am scared but I focus on what I have to do. On April 9th, 2015 an Enhanced outlook was issued for our area, since I didn’t have my storm chaser certification I was not driving but a partner named Mark was at the wheel. We camped out all day near Paw Paw IL until we got word of a tornado warning just to our north. Mark was speeding on the highway as I was looking at the radar.

“Mark it looks like it might have a debris signature.” I said to them as the clouds get darker and darker. “Ok the National Weather Service said that there is a confirmed large and dangerous tornado on the ground.”

“If we stay on this road we can intercept it.” Mark said. We raced northward, my eyes were glued to the radar screen tracking this storm. This storm looked mean on the radar, with signs of it getting stronger. “Oh my lord.” Mark said. When I looked up I saw a large wedge tornado. We stoped the car as we watched the storm move by, and move through the city of Rochelle, IL. Transformers were exploding and you can see pieces of houses flying in the air. It had a roar, that is when I got scared. This was my first tornado I have seen, and I scared as the whole town was leveled by this EF4 tornado, and two people lost their lives.

My views on the Death Penalty/ Kenneth Williams

For some reason, last night’s execution of Kenneth Williams impacted me. Now this was supposed to be the punishment for Marlow, and he was going to be executed the same way but instead of taking years of appeals it was going to happen with in a week due to the fact that Indiana’s. Let me clear this up, this case went to federal court which does have the death penalty. The crime was committed in Illinois which does not have the death penalty, but Indiana does. Since this case was in federal court in the seven circuit (which covers Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin) can sentence someone to death if a state with in the same circuit has the death penalty and the execution would be carried out there. I think that the supreme court of the United States gave the green light on the execution on Marlow due to the fact that the drugs were about to expire or something like that.

There is a difference in Indiana’s lethal injection protocol and Arkansas’. The two last drugs are the same though, the second drug is called Pancuronium bromide, which paralyzes the inmate, and stops breathing. The final drug is potassium chloride, which stops the heart. Indiana and Arkansas uses both of the drugs for the execution but the first drug is different. In Indiana they use Methohexital, a barbiturate that works well to render the inmate unconscious. In Arkansas they use Midazolam, which is a benzodiazepine which sometimes does not make the inmate fall asleep so they can feel when they can feel that they can’t breathe. Now I take a benzodiazepine for panic attacks but I never had a strong sleepy effect. Kenneth Williams argued that Midazolam might not make him fall asleep, and this happened since he had a hard time breathing, lunged forward when the second drug took effect. Also Kenneth Williams had an IQ of 70, which is borderline for mental disability. So I do feel bad for him a little bit due to the fact that he might had a mental disability, but he also killed multiple people. Marlow on the other hand killed my baby intentionally so I support his sentence.

I do support the death penalty, however I want it to be humane, where inmates do not suffer like Kenneth Williams.

Feeling betrayed

Had a huge fight with a friend of mine, because he thought that everything was made up last night. Now he blocked me. I trusted him, and I have been on the verge of crying all day. I feel like I am going to throw up, but I also feel angry. The detective was using my phone since it was hard for him to contact my friend in China. Just because I have had back luck lately does not mean I am making this up. I am feeling a lot of grief, sadness and betrayal. Is there anyone out there? Anyone who would like to be friends with me? I am so alone, what is a life worth living when you don’t have friends.


I had a mental breakdown last night, and the Chicago Police Department issued a bulletin for me. My friend who I got into a fight with would not cooperate with the detective in charge of my case because he has trust issues. This makes me angry, that he would no cooperate with the police department. I defend the detective since he was using my phone to text him about what happened between us. He had no way to connect to my friend since he was in China and WhatsApp was the only way to communicate with him. I cherish Shemia, but when it comes to my safety and he would not cooperate with the police department makes me so angry. I have not slept, or ate.


I know that my family is looking for me, but I am nothing but a pain in the ass for them. I don’t deserve support, love, somewhere to sleep. Marlow always told me that I am worth nothing, that I am like the prostitutes and the homeless drug addicts that are on the streets. Maybe he was right, as I look at the beach as the sun sets I am reminded of how alone i am in the world

Feeling heartbroken

A friend of mine just got a girlfriend, at first I was worried about him thinking something is really wrong but he was chilling with his girlfriend. He said that it might not be a good idea that we communicate anymore, since he is a male and I am a female. I have no interest in him, and it broke my heart when he suggested that we cut off contact. You see, I don’t have a lot of friends, most if not all are online friends. I told him my deepest secrets because I trusted him. I was crying, because I felt like I had a close connection to him, and he knows almost everything about me, even things I don’t discuss them on here or with other people. I just want my friend who I trust, I am now crying right now thinking about that he is going to cut off all contact with me. This makes me feel depressed, since I can count my friends on my fingers. I don’t want to lose a friend, especially one that I felt close too.

I always felt lonely, since most of my friends are online. I only have two friends that are not online and that is Jo and Zeko. I have three good online friends, so I only have five friends. I feel so alone, like no one cares about me anymore. I have had been having a mental breakdown since 1pm, so I left home and went to downtown Chicago. My family, Jo and Zeko are asking where am I, but I am ignoring their texts or calls, since I don’t deserve love.